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About Star Wedding Albums

The Story of a Happy Bride...Who sadly had no Wedding Album


              When I got married a couple of years ago I REALLY wanted a wedding album, I just couldn’t get myself to pay my photographer $1400 dollars to get one.

So my husband (fiancé at the time) and I decided on getting a photography package that included just the CD of images. Like many brides I thought to myself…I will just make an album after my wedding.

Well, 2 years, a down payment on a house and 1 child later still...no wedding album. I had nothing to show for the wedding of my dreams other than a disc of images sitting in my desk, some pictures on Facebook and a folder of digital pictures buried in my computer.

             My grandparents wedding album still sits in my parent’s house. I have looked through their album countless times as it often catches my eye and before you know it my family is gathered around flipping through the pages of a 50-year old wedding album.

One day I realized that the albums from my parents and grandparents weddings that I enjoyed looking through so much, I didn’t have of my own wedding.

I then thought…what would happen if 50 years from now my future grandchildren stumbled upon my disc of “high-resolution” wedding images. Would they even know what a CD/DVD is? Could they even access the files?

I was shocked by the thought that the photos from the best day of my life could literally disappear in one generation from now.

             So I put back on my "bride" hat and I took to the web to get my wedding album created. Being a graphic designer and having experience with computers and design I thought it would be simple.

I went online and quickly realized that every album out there was well...really cheap quality.

I didn’t want to show pictures from the best day of my life in a $50 dollar book that was the same quality my neighbor used for their summer vacation photos.

I did try one online book makers design software and after a good 4 hours using their "easy” wedding album template, my designed album had weird lace photo borders,  pink backgrounds and looked like I got married in the 80's. I had officially given up on getting a nice wedding album.

             Out of that moment Star Wedding Albums was born. Starting from a frustrated bride who refused to pay $1200 for a wedding album and who didn’t want put her beautiful wedding pictures into a cheap $50 book.

Since that day we have grown into a company with an amazing team of designers that produces high quality wedding albums available directly to brides nationwide.

If you have read this far, thank you for learning about the story behind Star Wedding Albums. I truly hope we can be a part of your wedding journey by creating a custom designed quality wedding album for you.