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Star Albums Pro

Album Workflow Solutions for Wedding Photographers



What we do:
Star Albums Pro offers complete wedding album production services directly to professional wedding photographers. Read below to see how we can help your studio to finally get control of your wedding album production, so that you can start making more money and get back to doing what you love – being a photographer!

So, what type of wedding photographer are you?
- Are you a wedding photographer who stopped selling albums because they were just too much work?
- Are you selling wedding albums (but at a ridiculous price) because you really don't want to deal with the hassle of making them?
- Or, have you sold dozens of albums and are now overwhelmed with album design and hate every minute of it?

Regardless of the type of wedding photographer you are - we know 2 things:
1. You are losing money by not selling albums to every client. *News Flash* they want one (more on that later).
2. You are losing time & money because you are wasting countless hours designing your own albums when you could be marketing, growing your business, or simply just doing something you love – like taking photos!

Understanding our White Label Design Service:
Our customized album design workflow will let us edit your photos, design albums, share proofs, process client changes and receive final client approval - all on behalf of your studio! Your clients will think you are a wedding album design GURU, while we take care of everything.

Aren't Sold Yet? Let’s take a look at the #NUMBERS
We polled 100 brides and 50 photographers … check out what the numbers say:

- The average professional wedding photographer shoots 30 weddings per year.

- Of those 30 weddings, on average only 5 clients purchase an album. Only 5 albums! This means that 80% of brides don't purchase a wedding album from their photographer.

- 60% of photography studios simply don't offer wedding albums. The main reason these photographers don’t offer albums - "because they are too much work." These photographers are missing out on ALL of those album sales!

Guess how many brides want an album?
Answer: 100%
Yes, that's right, 100% of Brides want a wedding album … yet only 20% get one!

Reasons why 80% of brides don't get an album from their photographer:
1. The Photographer did not offer albums.
2. The Bride did not like the designs and/or types of albums offered.
3. The Album was overpriced.

What happens when you don't sell wedding albums?
- Professional photographers are missing out on an average of $18,000 to $25,000 in album sales EVERY year!

Every single bride you photograph wants a wedding album, so start selling her one!

Star Albums Pro can provide you with a full service album solution so you can generate albums sales and keep doing what you do best ... being a photographer and taking photos!

How do I start working with Star Albums Pro?
Simply fill out the form below. After reviewing your information, one of our workflow specialists will be contacting you shortly.