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Client Testimonials




Star Retouching Saved My Wedding Pictures!
- Alexa R.
I had a friend shoot my wedding because I was on a budget and she had taken photo classes. When I got my pictures back I was devastated, all of my pictures were dark, and I cried for days. I came across Star Photo Retouching and they worked miracles on my pictures. The same pictures that previously made me cry, I now have framed all over my house and I LOVE THEM. Star Retouching, literally saved my wedding memories.

Wedding Dress Mishap -- Yikes! - Sally K.
The day before my wedding I went to pick up my dress and realized the I had gained a few pounds in the last week due to all the stress. Needless to say my dress was tighter then I would have liked. Our photographer was great, but in pretty much all my photos my dress is pinching on my chest and back creating some unflattering bulges. This really made me sad when I saw my pictures. When I found Star Photo Retouching l literally got teary eyed. They were so easy to work with and after getting my images back I am soooo happy. The adjustments look natural and made my dress fit like a glove. I even had them adjust some of my blemishes...hey why not :). I also really enjoyed the black and white and creative edits that i added. Thank you so much Star, now my wedding photos are amazing.

Baby Announcement Photo, Made me look like a pro! - Molly B.
After we had our newborn I didn't have the time or the money to hire a professional photographer for our baby announcement. I had an awesome picture of our newborn but the lightning was dark and she had red eyes. Star Retouching did a perfect job adjusting the photo and removing the red eye, they also made the photo into this great Black & White image. I saved soo much money by having them adjust a photo I took rather than paying a professional photographer. Thanks for making my newborn look like an angel.